micro-moose-berlin is a digital audio mastering studio, known for exceptionally high quality detailed work and individual attention.

formerly micro-moose Brooklyn, the studio is now housed in a custom designed and tuned room in the Neukoelln area of Berlin, Germany, and includes all our favorite tube gear.

we work with clients from all over the world, and of course our old friends from New York City, via FTP upload/download.

Friday, March 14, 2014

HDX rig / new Swans double CD / triple vinyl

News from the tubes:  micro-moose-berlin is now fully up to date with an Avid HDX rig, and a 16 x 16 Avid HD IO, which sounds great, noticably better than the Digidesign 192 (which I liked a lot!).  I've just finished up the Swans double CD/triple vinyl "To Be Kind" and it has gone to press in the US and Europe, so look out for it in the next months.  Meanwhile working with lots of Berlin bands (see list) as well as new contacts and old friends in the States.  Just about to dust off my trusty TASCAM 80-8 to work on some lofi tape projects, and still working on a new power supply for a rack of four International Projector Co. micpre/line amps, which feature the legendary UTC HA-100-X transfomers (also used as input TX's in the original LA2A's).  Looking out for one more Altec 8 band passive EQ to turn this into a killer vintage mastering equalizer.

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