micro-moose-berlin is a digital audio mastering studio, known for exceptionally high quality detailed work and individual attention.

formerly micro-moose Brooklyn, the studio is now housed in a custom designed and tuned room in the Neukoelln area of Berlin, Germany, and includes all our favorite tube gear.

we work with clients from all over the world, and of course our old friends from New York City, via FTP upload/download.

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Recent Clients / news:

Swans  The Beggar
The Necks  TRAVEL
Asteroid Ekosystem  Live at The Great Club
Kim Myhr and Kitchen Orchestra Hereafter
Christina Kubisch  Zenger Station
  Some Bizarre Records 3LP's, 3 EP's
Tev Nicolas  Tuvia Plays Beauty
Kim Myhr
  Sympathetic Magic
Alister Spence and Tony Buck  Mythographer
Bad Juice  Berlin End Station
The Lost Year  Prone to Fits of Madness
Sophia Maj   ESC
  Feel Good Now remaster
Swans  Children of God remaster
Tony Conrad / Jennifer Walshe
De Beren Gieren  Less is Endless
Swans   Feel Good Now remaster
Damo Suzuki and Oliver Duckert  Mejlgade 53
City At Dark   City At Dark
The Necks THREE
The Necks  Vertigo
Michael Gira  I am not this
Swans  Leaving Meaning
A Talon Touches the Lake   The Lathe
Aleksandr Polyakov   Absolution
Daniel Kahn   Bulat BLues
Interstate Express   Goin' Up To Hamburg
Ruben Gianotti Jazz Orchestra    fragment
G.Bop Orchestra   Pile Up
A Talon Touches the Lake  Creeptone   
Musina Ebobissé Quintet   Timeprints
Fremmed    Fremmed
Boz Boorer  AGE OF BOOM
Sistanagila    Urub
C+C = Maxigross     Deserto
Satoko Fujii Orchestra Kobe \ Alister Spence   Imagine Meeting You Here
Yuriy Seredin   Asylum Search
Christina Kubisch   Tesla's Dream
Christina Kubisch  Dichte Wolken
Alvin Lucier   So You ... (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice)
Alvin Lucier   Orpheus Variations
Peter Zirbs   What if we don't exist
Holger   Relações Premiadas
Alister Spence and Satoko Fujii   intelsat
Meat Beat Manifesto   Opaque
The Necks    Body
James Eleganz    The Only One
Olga Amelchenko Quartet     Shaping Motions
Jordan Muller   California
Attila Muehl   Lucid Dreamer
The Yeddings   Way of my Past
Chrisitna Kubisch + Annea Lockwood   9 Magnetic Places \ Below Behind Above
Miles Cooper Seaton   Speranza
Ulan Bator    Abracadabra
The Ghouls    Blitz Tank
Meat Beat Manifesto   Impossible Star
Senegal Grindcore Mafia   Ido y Lúcido
God Alone    Intivim
Alister Spence Trio    Not Everything But Enough
Miles Cooper Seaton  Phases in Exile
Alvin Lucier   Anthony Burr and Charles Curtis   Chamber Music: Alvin Lucier and Morton Feldman
Meat Beat Manifesto Impossible Star
God Alone Intivim
Senegal Grindcore Mafia
Kristof Hahn Heartbreak
Lydia Daher
Eavesdrop Cosmic Hit
Sandro Mussida 21 ConstellazioniDavid Grubbs Creep Mission
Louis Brennan Airport Hotel
Ships In The Night Myriologues
QS badun
The Morricones Tales of the Wasteland
Cool For You Given Your Convenient AbsenceGhost Drums Maylands
Swans triple LP/double CD The Glowing Man
Simon Goff HUEAnthony Burr Morton Feldman/Alvin Lucier collection
Battle of Mice
Werner Durand Diasporagas on Edition-Telemark
Igor Osypov I'm Wondering
Ulan Bator Abracadabra
Next Step Quintet
A Dead Forest Index
Necks Vertigo
Lynn Wright and Algis Kizys
David Grubbs Primrose
Dear Life
The Ghouls
Insect Ark
And The Wiremen
Swans White Light from the Mouth of Infinity
Ole Wagner
Greg Brickey
Kieran McMahon
Christina Kubisch
Julia Marcel MannersTon Steine Scherben
Ivalo Frank

I'm happy to note that the Swans triple LP The Seer was voted #5 of "The Top 50 Albums of 2013" in Pitchfork, #4 on Stereogum's top 50 and is highly praised in Wire Magazine. Congratulations!

Swans -- To Be Kind
Meena Cryle and the Chris Fillmore Band -- Tell Me
The Loyalty Company -- Red Museum
Christina Kubisch and Eckehard Guether -- Mosaique/Mosaic
Velvet Two Stripes -- Velvet Two Stripes
The Necks -- Open
And the Wiremen -- Send Me Low
Daniel Kahn and The Painted Bird -- Bad Old Songs
Belfi/Grubbs/Pilia -- Dust and Mirrors
Julia Read -- I D K
Bee and Flower -- Suspension
Hobocombo -- the magnetic sound of hobocombo
The Lightnin' 3 -- The Lightnin' 3
Blasco Ballroom 7" single
The Blood Arm -- Infinite Night
Benjamin C. Fletcher -- Levitate Wildly
Insect Ark -- Long Arms
Selten Satie Orchester -- untitled
ear / ear-theband.com -- Out In The Open
Brace Choir -- Current Events
Paul Watson -- My Secret Effect
Flaming Fire
Christina Kubisch -- Liquid Piece
Necks -- Mindset
Skuli Sverisson

Contact me directly for a custom quote -- I can usually find a way to work within your budget. For long-distance projects we can also video conference on skype to work out details and make comments, to keep you completely in the loop.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


My old 80-8. 
Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but it is completely renovated (check out the azimuth on the oscilloscope!)...

And here is a new addition: Jeff Fisher at Rerun Electronics built out (and heavily modded) a quartet of Magnetic Sound preamp/line-drivers to deliver some needed makeup gain for my Studer 089.  They use the same UTC HA100X transformers that the original LA2A's employed, with a 50's DDR circuit design.  Very tasty, and gorgeous to boot.  Thanks Jeff!

Friday, March 14, 2014

HDX rig / new Swans double CD / triple vinyl

News from the tubes:  micro-moose-berlin is now fully up to date with an Avid HDX rig, and a 16 x 16 Avid HD IO, which sounds great, noticably better than the Digidesign 192 (which I liked a lot!).  I've just finished up the Swans double CD/triple vinyl "To Be Kind" and it has gone to press in the US and Europe, so look out for it in the next months.  Meanwhile working with lots of Berlin bands (see list) as well as new contacts and old friends in the States.  Just about to dust off my trusty TASCAM 80-8 to work on some lofi tape projects, and still working on a new power supply for a rack of four International Projector Co. micpre/line amps, which feature the legendary UTC HA-100-X transfomers (also used as input TX's in the original LA2A's).  Looking out for one more Altec 8 band passive EQ to turn this into a killer vintage mastering equalizer.